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Operation Dogo

David "Dogo" Leitner was a Holocaust survivor, one of many. When he immigrated to Israel after fleeing from the Nazis, he dreamed of "bailik" buns that his mother used to make for him as a child.

After Dogo made Aliyah, he came across a falafel stand whose shape reminded him of those buns. He ate there until he was completely full. From that day on, he decided that every year on the day his camp was liberated, he would celebrate with two dishes of falafel and proclaim "Am Israel Chai"!

Operation Dogo takes place every year on January 18, with more and more people joining Dogo's private tradition of eating falafel.

Volunteers of Achim LaSemel, in collaboration with Beit Ha'adot, have been taking part in the activity, encouraging fans to come and participate in this emotional ritual.

David "Dogo" Leitner passed away on July 27, 2023, but Achim LaSemel will continue his custom in his memory in the years to come.

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