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Holiday Food Packages

Everything began over a decade ago, in a supermarket cart outside Bloomfield Stadium. It has since grown into a significant community project, shining the light of mutual support. People from all walks of life in Israel come together with a shared goal of doing good and helping others. We're not just talking about mutual support; we're making it a reality!

Twice a year, as the Jewish New Year and Passover approach, we launch a fundraising campaign with dedicated volunteer collectors. They work tirelessly to gather donations, enabling less fortunate communities to celebrate the holidays with dignity. Even the collectors are rewarded for their efforts based on their ranking on the donors' leaderboard, thanks to support from the football club and other contributors.

The project encompasses everything from fundraising to procuring food items, packaging them in unique community events with the help of hundreds of volunteers, and delivering them to those in need. Most of the projects are dedicated to honoring the memory of Maccabi fans, players, and coaches.

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