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About us

The "Brothers 1906" association was established in 2012 by a group of Maccabi fans who recognized the stand and decided to act together for the Maccabi Tel Aviv fan community and Israeli society.

It all started with the fight for fair ticket prices and continued with collecting food for underprivileged families with a supermarket cart outside Bloomfield Stadium and from there to a holiday meal for Holocaust survivors and hundreds of other projects.


Over the years, "brothers 1906" has become a community center for Maccabi Tel Aviv fans from all walks of life. The association promotes a culture of yellow sympathy, through increasing the social involvement of fans in the fan community itself and in Israeli society in general and protecting the rights of Maccabi fans.

Today, members of "Brothers 1906" are active in hundreds of permanent projects throughout the year, alongside occasional and new projects according to the needs of the community. Thousands of Maccabi fans who are members of the brothers community and take part in the various volunteer activities work at "Brothers 1906".

The goals of the association
Building a community of Maccabi fans and promoting a culture of positive sympathy

Developing the Maccabi fan community and promoting a culture of positive sympathy

Protection Maccabi Tel Aviv fans rights

Protection of the rights of Maccabi Tel Aviv fans

Increasing mutual responsibility between fans

Increasing mutual guarantee between the fans

Connecting fans to proactively involve for the Israeli society

Connecting the fans to positive doing in Israeli society

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